Features and benefits

The liquid manure and digestate treatment installation RondoDry evaporates up to 4,000 m3 of water annually. The RondoDry collects up to 70% of the ammonium nitrogen from the manure and thus contributes to significantly reducing the total nitrogen content. This unburdens the surfaces and significantly reduces transport and application costs. The expansion of storage capacity is avoided. After treatment, the liquid manure can still be applied using the existing technology.


  • High evaporation rate due to patented rotary drum with grid-shaped surface structure (approx. 400 m2) up to 1 kg of water per kWh thermal
  • Short assembly and commissioning time due to modular design with integrated heat exchange unit, heat meter and circulation pump
  • Cooling operation with residual heat consumption (Fliegl heat management)
  • Fully automatic operation without additional staffing
  • Safety device with WHG approval


  • Saving of storage capacity
  • Reduction of required application areas
  • Bonus for sensible heat utilization
  • KfW - funded as an energy efficiency measure
  • Concentration of nutrients
  • Saving of transport and application costs
  • Reduction of up to 4,000 m3 annually
  • Modular construction